Movie Review: The Mummy Returns

This is what I’m thinking everytime I saw this movie, The Mummy Returns:

Is not just about the good fighting the evil
Not just merely showing actions, wars in an amazing deserts or under a beautiful blue night sky

I believe the basic story is about LOVE !

True Love Rick & Evy

Love of Anck-su-namun toward Imhotep that she’s willing to sacrife her life by saying: my body is no longer my temple.
The same with Imhotep, in order to get his love back, he’s willing to give his life to the darkness

The True love of Rick and Evelyn who always support each other back to back in order to fight evil, their true love showing when Evy ran to save Rick at the end of the movie, risking her own life.
Although they already have a brilliant son Alex, they still show how much they love each other. The famous line by Rick is “Have I kissed you today?”

Best Family Ever Rick, Evy, Jonathan & Alex

The devoted love and the spirit of Medjai tribe commanded by Ardeth to protect the Egyptian from the anubis army, they’re willing to fight to the death. I think this is the good ‘Jihad’

Medjai Never Surrender

Another unconditional love between Rick and his son, Alex. when Rick ran like crazy to reach the temple with Alex in his hand and when Rick manage to save Alex, Rick said to Alex, remember it’s not easy to be a father!

True Love Life Together Die Together

At last, Imhotep choose to surrender and throw himself down to hell, when he saw that Anck-su-namun love is no longer there for him. What’s good to live if you don’t have the love that you always wanted, in Imhotep case, he wait for centuries just to be together again with Anck-su-namun. Even a wicked man like Imhotep still hope for a true and unconditional love.

True Love always Win

Every human needs love, needs someone beside ’em. But not many people understand that to get love we must give love first. We must throw away our selfishness. Sometimes the path is not easy, sometime there’s no light in your road, sometimes it’s really painful just to wait for the right one, but you just have to trust that it is there for you.
That true love will come to you eventually!


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