TV Show Review: Two and a Half Men ~ new series

Ok, let’s talk about my favorite series “Two and a Half Men”, usually they are Charlie, Alan and Jack. But this morning I found that they cast a new role.. a hot dude.. guess who, Ashton Kutcher..

two and a half men

Well, everybody loves Charlie, some said he is a ‘holy’ in that series, some said it won’t be the same without him. But hey, look who’s come in.. it’s Ashton.. i repeated “Ashton” .. he’s heavenly funny, in every tv shows and in real life too.

Can’t think of someone better than Ashton to fill in the missing Charlie role, I guess I still don’t want to say that Charlie is replaced, hopefully he can come back in the show too. Let’s think what a hilarious act that Ashton can make in this series.. for those who knows Ashton Kutcher from his movies can imagine his funny innocent bastard mimic. He plays as Walden character in that series.

Darn.. i would love to watch the show every week, wish it plays in Indonesia, well now I guess I have to sign up for some cable tv, hopefully (again) one of the cable have the show there.

Another thought about Ashton Kutcher, hmm.. I think he has to take one of the historic great character like James Bond or Superman.. hardly wait !!


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