Working Adventure in South Borneo

I was fortune enough to get a new project in South Borneo, just 2 days after the deal, they flew me to Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan.
The airport, Syamsudin Noor is in Banjarmasin, right now it’s the capital city of South Kalimantan.
It took about 3/4 hours to get to BJB from the airport, stop for nice lunch at warung down the street..amazingly delicious the barbeque fish! (note: I don’t think that’s because I’m hungry)

Banjarbaru is a small city about an hour and a half from Banjarmasin, the weather is dry and hot (typical Kalimantan’s weather) but somehow I don’t mind about it. Unlike Balikpapan in east Kalimantan where I can still see old traditional houses, here all modern. They got lots mini markets, companies and KFC.
Restaurants all spreads everywhere along the streets, the type of business is variant when you take a close attention. Bottom line, it is a growing little city.

My adventure start when I have to visit a coal mining site..that was an excited moment. It should’ve be a good ride along the way with all the country scene that new to me, but my friend turn out drove his car so ‘damly’ fast, I have to hold myself for not throwing up 😦

But the pain is worthy, first we visit the coal stockpile in Binuang, is a place where they store the coal stones after they dig it from the mine hole, i saw mountains of black precious stone, took some pictures there..hey that’s what they paid me to do 😀 of course took some of ‘cute’ me with coals scene background.


After that we move to see the actual mining site, I could see an open mining pit been dug by a heavy excavators and there were giant trucks running around.

Another adventure for this job was visiting the mother vessel, it’s a giant ship that carry coals sailing overseas.   That morning before going there, we had breakfast in a famous traditional floating restaurant there in Banjarmasin, we ate Soto and Satay Ayam.

After a quite heavy breakfast we went to the traditional dock, To get to the mother vessel, we have to ride a speedboat along the Taboneo sea and to reach the dock, we have to pass villagers houses and jump into the boat from a small wood ‘scary’ dock

Taboneo Sea

I didn’t think all the risk of sailing the open wide ocean, because I got too excited and curious with what will I see next.  Though it quite a bumpy ride.  I even didn’t get that ‘afraid of height’ feeling when I had to climb that tall rope stairs to hop onto the mother vessel

The name of the vessel is Medi Cebu Panama, most of the workers there are from Philippine. Me and my co-workers were amazed to finally get into the ship.  We took some pictures outside with the Captain’s permission of course.

mother vessel

What so great is I got to get into the mother vessel twice..yeap lucky me, cause the company need someone who can speak English to talk to the Captain of the ship on the next day.

Second day speedboat ride was more event adventurist because I went in the afternoon and back to the land at night time.. gosshh.. the night scene on the ocean even more wonderful, too bad I didn’t bring the camera so I cannot capture the lights that amazingly came from all the mother vessels docked along the sea. And the moon that night was so bright, the night ride on the speed boat was not scary as I thought because there I feel so peaceful and can’t be happier and felt so blessed for alive. Thank God for His goodness.

the journey took place during October to November 2011

ps: most of the pictures taken from my cell phone, pardon for the poor pixel. the good ones there on my fb, of course you have to be get lucky enough to be my friend there first haha 🙂


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