Memorable candy back in 1980’s

This two are some of the candies i used to eat when i was in kindergarten n 1st grade elementary school back in 1979 to early 1980’s

l remember after school l will pass the side street guy who sell the goodies and bought the candy, I think the price was RP 5,- (lima perak ) oh my so cheap but not for me back then.

Haw Flakes is hard to describe, a bit sour but sweet, but makes me addicted. The shape is round, almost like a communion bread in church (hosti), when i was a little girl, me n my sisters likes to pretend it was a hosti n we acted as if we did get one from the pastor.

Haw Flakes Candy
Haw Flakes Candy

Permen Cicak, is colourful outside but inside actually it is a soya bean, we call it  ‘cicak’ cause it similar like that small lizard egg, that we occassionally found in the house. But unfortunately the taste is not as good as back then in the ’80s.

Cicak candy
Cicak candy

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