Just Do What You Can Do Now

Have you ever go to the book store in Jakarta, and found so many teenagers’ novels, comics and short stories published there? Amazing right, for 12 to 14 years old (mostly girls) has a creative imagination and dare to call themselves a writer.

Reflect to myself, I too had a desire to write stories, and I believe I finished one and hid it on one of internet account so no one could ever read it. Hm, why? Well, because unlike that brave little writers, I felt that my story is so precious even for anyone close to read it. Weird? Funny? All I can say that’s just me.

Hence, if you asked, I will tell that one of my wish is writing a comic book. But maybe, despite all that silly reasons, the main reason is I lack of confidence to publish my own story. Maybe afraid it isn’t good enough, because even when I read some of the writing on that book store, I can say easily ‘what a crap’ and laugh hard. Again, I probably don’t want people to do the same thing to me. Hypocrite? Yeah..sue me J (lol)

Recently I’ve been thinking of what I’m gonna do next. This so called ‘corporate high profile sh*$$t*’ working environment has lost its charm. All I’m aware that, this year before I left the 30’s, I must be wiser in choosing my path and try not to climb from zero again!

Ciayo.. one of the thing that I admire from that little writers, and mostly from all the kids in the world, they don’t think much and just do it.


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