Movie Review: Shanghai Calling

Shanghai Calling Review

Staring : Daniel Henney, Eliza Coupe, Bill Paxton, Zhu Zhu

I’ve seen so many typical Asian movie, comedy, romance, thriller name it. When I choose to watch Shanghai Calling, honestly that’s simply because I crave to see Daniel Henney act.

He’s a raising star in South Korea, born as Daniel Philip Henney, a mixed British Korean with American citizen, is indeed born with great natural acting, full of charms and charismatic character. He happened can manage every of his movie characters into a resistible one, even when he has to play a bad guy, check out Seducing Mr. Perfect and The Spy.

I wasn’t expect anything on the first minute I watched this Shanghai Calling movie. But it is intrigue to see Daniel Henney portray as a Chinese rather than Korean. He did remind me with a great HongKong actor Russel Wong.

shanghai_calling_daniel henney

I am so amaze on how the story plot is running. The portray of a foreigner came into “what he thinks” a 3rd world country. The old Chinese man with flying chicken imagination shown in the beginning, when Sam been told that he assigned to China is really a cool and funny way to speak his imagination. I believe this is something that must see by all the westerner or European who plans to come to Asian countries.

Sam thinks his life in NY was so great that he ignore to see the good things that he can have in Shanghai. No kidding~ This movie fulls of funny scenes, including Sam arrogant act when he scold the taxi driver who actually wanting to help him.

The female roles is just okay. Maybe for men, they’d like to see it. I’m too bias with Daniel Henney so maybe I expected more from the actress in this movie.

Great thing is this movie is really smart in making and not carried away by the racist issue whatsoever. The ending also unpredictable, just when I think it’s about to end, when Sam (Daniel Henney) thinks that he managed to solve his case, the other issue came out. I love how it plays viewer mind, totally unexpected and great ending.

Yes, I do see that they could give Bill Paxton more role in the story, in fact, the Awesome Wang really did it all. Again unexpected story plot. So I still give 10 for this.

Overall, I really enjoy watching it, and wish it will not end there, maybe another interesting story about Sam living in Shanghai.


I post my writing review on IMDB 28May14


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