Street Food Series: Asinan Betawi

If you asked me what is the best all vegetable food in Jakarta, I would definitely say it is “Asinan Betawi” the spice sour taste mixed in the vegetables and fermented salty white cabbage, hardly make me stop eating.  I can eat the whole 1 big portion alone, if I don’t remember my mom and niece also likes it lol :))

What’s in it?

Sayuran Asinan BetawiAsinan Betawi kacang bumbu

Green lettuce (Daun Selada)

White Cabbage (Kol Putih)

Green Cabbage (Sawi Putih)

Carrot (Wortel)

Radish (Lobak)

Cucumber (Mentimun/Ketimun)

Taufu (Tahu putih)

Bean Sprout (Taoge)

Krupuk Mie Asinan BetawiKrupuk merah Asinan Betawi

All fresh and raw vegetables, beside the following ingredients:

Fermented Salty Cabbage (Sawi Asin)

Fried Peanut (Kacang Goreng)

Kerupuk mie and kerupuk merah

The sour sauce, people said it made from vinegar, red chili, tiny dried baby shrimp (ebi), brown sugar and other spices.

Not all can make the best taste for the sauce, but lucky I found one nearby home, that own old authentic traditional recipe from their Betawi ancestor. Therefore the taste of the Asinan Betawi they sold is superb, incredibly fresh and delicious.

Asinan Betawi dalam mangkokMixed Asinan Betawi

The portion is also big, enough for 3-4 people once it mixed.


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