Street Food Series: Bubur Ayam

Street foods in Indonesia are famous with varieties and taste superb mostly.  Though it sells from a very humble place and less hygiene, but for Indonesian the traditional way to prepare the food is what makes it taste super delicious.

Many big hotels in Indonesia try to imitate the “traditional taste” but 99% Indonesian will say the taste cannot compete with those sells by the village people, though it cooked by super chef who has foreign culinary degrees 🙂

Today we talk about Bubur Ayam, or Chicken Pouridge. Basically they make pouridge from white rice, combine it with seasoned chicken broth, put shredded chicken, fried soy bean, cakwe (pieces of chinese fried cake), fried red onion, celery, sweet black soy sauce, sambal (spicy sauce) when prefer and krupuk (traditional chips) or emping (green bean chips).

Looks simple but not easy to imitate to make, this Bubur Ayam, mostly people like to have it as breakfast.

There is some habit that every Sunday morning after jogging or outdoor exercise is best to enjoy it with family or friends.

gerobak bubur ayam @bybyelle.wordpressbubur ayam chicken pouridge indonesia


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