Sunday in Bogor

So many times pass around road on the side of Bogor botanical garden, but just recently had a chance to take pictures as I strolled around the path ways.

Here are unique moments captured

Old historical Cathedral Church

20150614 bybyelle cathedral bogorlocated at Jalan Kapten Muslihat, Bogor

20150614_ bybyelle inside cathedral bogor

Inside view of the historical church, Cathedral is the central church for Catholic people to held a mass every Sunday.





Walking about 3 minutes outside the church we found Tourism spot, stroll along the Bogor Palace fence.

20150614_122016 outside Bogor Palace fence bybyelleThere we can see many families brought their children to experience feeding the raindeer with green vegetable (kangkung) and carrots that sold on the same spots.

Feeding raindeer kijang istana bogor palace bybyelleLooking inside the fence, you can see Bogor Palace and many old big “beringin” trees with hanging roots.

20150614-inside bogor palace big old trees bybyelleat last my masterpiece moment was taking pictures in front of the entrance gate of Bogor Palace, of course with the permission of the Palace Guard there ^^whoaa

20150614_123626 Bogor Palace entrance view bybyelle 20150614_123634 Bogor Palace view entrance bybyelle******

intermezzo ~(“,)~

the delicious traditional “Bakpao” chinese bun (my favourite with green bean filing)

20150614_ papa Stev fave Bakpao cathedral bogor bybyelle

Hope you interest enough to come here in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

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