Biji Ketapang – a cookie that become an emotional journey

Biji Ketapang is a very simple traditional cookies from Betawi (Jakarta old name), everyone can easily make it.

Biji Ketapang camilan betawi made by BybyElleBiji Ketapang camilan betawi made by BybyElle

However for me it became a bit psychology journey, why? Because it took me more than 2 weeks to hold the idea of making this cookie into a real deal.

The thought of making this, round around in my heads for quite sometimes, even the idea of selling it as “camilan” (light snack). And yesterday, finally I move my hands and making it into dough, it need to be fried when I realized no coconut oil at home to fry.. 😀 😀

Lucky my mom yesterday night, asked me to run some groceries, the coconut oil was one of it of course..yeay. But we got soaked by heavy sudden rain on the way riding motorbike home 😦 😥

So it delayed into this early morning, to finally finished making “biji ketapang” cookies, I put the dough on the freezer and took it out to find out it a little bit hard n dry to mold into little pieces, another mental challenge must pass.

Finishing making biji ketapang is like trying to reach the finish line for marathon, isn’t it really that hard? most people will laugh at me..for sure.  But for me, I’m so proud of myself for conquering this challenge. And the cookies turns out taste good and crunchy ^^’

Biji Ketapang camilan betawi made by BybyElleIt’s a matter of putting action over your thought. My next challenge can I actually selling it and turns it into home business? The thought about dealing with hot frying pan everyday still terrify me.. 🙄 😆 I know I must have self discipline and endless passion over this cookies.

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