Ginger Honey Lemon Remedy – an attempt to get back in shape

Video surfing brought me to some tips that claimed can help loss weight easily with simple remedy.

Not satisfied with my shape for the last 3 years now.. but too lazy to do anything anyway, so I try to follow the tips. These remedy.. I noticed mostly come from vlogger or blogger from India, maybe it got something to do with the Indian ancient art of healing.

The ingredients basically only fresh ginger roots and pure honey, but some also wrote putting some lemon will do good.

ginger honey lemon _bybyelle 20151215

How to make ? O_o

You can just mixed 1 full table spoon crushed ginger with 1 table spoon of pure honey and just take one shot.

Or you can put fresh ginger on a hot water and put honey and 1 teaspoon lemon in it. Then enjoy it like a tea.  I prefer this one.

Ginger Honey Lemon drink - bybyelle 2015

To get best outcome, it said must take soon after you get up in the morning (on empty stomach) and before you go to bed at night. Do it regularly everyday.

Is it really works? Well, need to be patient as I just started. The only downside is I must walk to the traditional market to get fresh ginger every time 😀 what a lazy me.. fighting !!

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