Gout “Asam Urat” Remedy Treatment

Gout Arthritis or in bahasa Indonesian “Asam Urat” is a disease that struck your joints mostly fingers hands and knees.

When some people try to cure this with expensive medication, turns out there is a simple cure to treat this pain. They say, here in Indonesia this remedy has been passed down for generations, and thanks to the world wide web, we are able to know this ancient remedy easily.

Gout Asam Urat Treatment Remedy drinks masonjar bybyelle-wordpress

Just using these 3 ingredients, in Asia, most likely you can find easily and eat this daily, but most people not knowing that by combining these three can help you reduce even vanishing the pain caused by Gout.

Pineapple, this tropical fruit easily to get, sweet tangy taste and contains lots of vitamin C and fibre.  Kinda contradiction because many says that you cannot eat Pineapple “Nanas” if you had Gout. But combines this fruit with other ingredients below it is perfectly fine.

Gout Asam Urat Treatment Remedy Pineapple Nanas Lobak White Radish at bybyelle-wordpress (2)


White radish, most Asian likes to eat it as side dish vegetable. This second ingredients has lots of benefits, its contain vitamin A, B1, B2, niacin, fibre, calcium, phosphor , iron and knowns as antitoxin. White radish alone also best to treat many kind of stomach upset, and can help to reduce weight.

Candlenut or “Kemiri”, used in many Indonesian dishes to make it rich in flavours. Who knows turns out this candlenut can help treating Gout.

Gout Asam Urat Treatment Remedy Kemiri candlenut at bybyelle-wordpress (3)

How to make? Super easy… ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Grate 1 whole ripe sweet Pineapple (I use honey pineapple “Nanas madu” here). Before cut clean and rinse with handful salt to avoid the itchy part.

Pineapple Nanas grated - bybyelle wordpress

Grate 250gr white Radish (do not use green radish)

white radish lobak putih grated - bybyelle wordpress

Crushed 3 pieces of Candlenut

Kemiri candlenut crushed bybyelle wordpress

And blend in a mason jar or any big glasses then drink it like a mixed fruit juice.

Gout Asam Urat Treatment Remedy before_after bybyelle-wordpress

Drink it only once in 3 months for treatment.

Gout Asam Urat Treatment Remedy mixed glass juice bybyelle-wordpress

Many people has proof this remedy can make the Gout pain gone. Try not mixing this drink with drinking other healthy drink or medicine (in one day) to make sure it works.

Still I recommend to consult with your doctor before using this remedy. Just to be saved!

Other recommendation of course to eat the right food (green vegetables, yogurt, berry, fibre foods) if you have Gout and avoid foods that are not healthy for you; red meat, beans, spinach, seafoods to make sure you really cured from Gout Arthritis.


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