Christmas Rose Ombre Cake

Getting intrigued lately with many ytube postings on how to make butter cream decoration for cake tart, I am a bit day dreaming to open my own cake shop online and decorate something that people can eat.

This Christmas become a first trial of my baking cake skills and decoration. The following images is how it came out. *^_^*


Christmas Rose Ombre Cake bybyelle 2015

Vanilla Cake Butter cream Rose decor

Pardon if I don’t share the recipe, still not confidence enough, as this is my first time baking this butter cream rose ombre cake. Though honestly this cake has a nice vanilla and rum taste, and the butter cream really light creamy and melt when eating.

My final question would be: Would it be best to pursue the cake business? or am I just over thinking like usual ho..ho..ho.. Merry Christmas folks!

Christmas Cake for my husband Steven ONeil

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