2017 New Year of Red Fire Rooster

Welcome to the year of Red Fire Rooster.

I left 2016 with more spiritual minds, things will never look the same as before. I still following Astrological, but more in depth with numbers and the practice of raising positive vibration to my life.

My favorite numbers always 11:11 usually when it shows up immediately I make a wish to be reunited with the one whom I believe thinking of me too at that time.  But lately I found out that there’s more than just someone thinking of you during that 11:11 time.

Beside 11:11, what kept showing up to me is (in the most order) 111, 12:12, 11:12, 222, 444, and not always are 333 and 555.  It says that there are divine beings that trying to communicate with me in a loving and peaceful ways, they are my Angels.

I am still in an early stage of knowing my Angels, always believe there are exist to guard me and guide me, for years, every time I need to wake up early, I always did “Angel Pray” to wake me up, and amazingly I always wake up 5 minute early than the set up time easily. That was all I know about my guardian Angel.  Little that I know that they are also ready to help me and willing to communicate with me in a divine ways.

January 1st, dawn ~ it always the hardest part for me, transition to the new year.  Allow me to keep the matter only for me.  I just wish that all my hard works and efforts paid off by the end of the year, but maybe God said it still not the time.

I am glad to know though that most of the Fire Rooster readings tells that it going to be a good year, a better year than 2016.  I was almost worry that I ran out luck.  Was skeptic to trust luck, but I decide this year 2017, I will believe luck is also a good thing for me, I need it, I deserve it and so be it.