Divine Destiny Love of Zhen Bei Prince & Bai Ping Ting


Bai PingTing, daughter of a commoner Father, a man who happened to save Chu Bei Jie’s (one day to be the Prince of Jin Dynasty) mother, though has a ‘maid’ status  living as a virtue beauty whom her intelligent as a woman surpass her own young master, Prince He Xia.

Prince He Xia from Yan Kingdom despite of his deep feeling toward Bai Ping Ting cannot escapes from his anger, thinking Prince Bei Jie was the one who made his father Lord Jing An died, followed by his mother death. The anger become greediness of power, adding the resentful feeling toward his maid Bai PingTing whom he thinks turns against him by falling in love with his enemy Prince Bei Jie.

Bai Ping Ting cleverness in war strategy, proven several times either defeat and or saving Prince Bei Jie, a handsome strong man who also known as God of War (defeat-less man).  But many unfortunate situations brought these Couple into huge misunderstood, when Bai Ping Ting though his lover died, she accidentally lead a strategy that made Prince He Xia won, without knowing that Prince Bei Jie was still alive and leading the battle to attack BaiLan kingdom in order to get his wife Bai Ping Ting back, while she thought by selling her skill she can escape with her faithful female young doctor Zu Jiu from He Xia’s Palace and avoid marrying Prince He Xia as concubine.  Prince He Xia at that time already married to Princess of Bai Lan Kingdom, Yao Tian and earned a General status.

Though the plan is worked but then she found out it lead to Prince Bei Jie loss in battle, and cause many death. Therefore with huge guilt she and Zu Jiu ran to Liang Kingdom to stay with her bestfriend Yang Feng who happens to be the wife of retirement Liang Kingdom’s General, Ze Yin. So with many obstacle she manage to arrive in Liang Kingdom. But her succeed in running away caused her to loose Zui Ju, whom Ping Ting thought was harmed by the wild wolves and died.

Both the guilt to Prince Bei Jie and loosing Zui Ju made her swore she will disappear from outside world and never see Prince BeiJie again, with the help of Yang Feng and her husband Ze Yin, they move to a small rural village in Pine woods.  The whole time she ran away she was carrying Prince BeiJie’s baby in her womb.  What a sad and unfortunate fate to be part of her love one her husband on that hard circumstances.

In the other hand Prince Bei Jie who thinks he failed to save his wife Bai Ping Ting from BaiLan Kingdom, gone rage by defeating 10 gates in Liang Kingdom but in the end only to find a funeral in Yang Feng house, whom they thought was Bai Ping Ting.

For 2 years they live loyal with each other feeling but in a separate world, Prince Bei Jie refused to be the next King because he was mad to his brother the present King Jin, Sima Hong whom caused him and Bai Ping Ting separated, now lives quietly as Jin state’s rich merchant named Dong.  While Bai Ping Ting, Yang Feng and husband Ze Yin, built and rejuvenate the poor Pine Village by making and selling BaiLi Plum Wine.  Prince Bei Jie and Bai Ping Ting child, Chang Xia, healthy born and become a smart little boy, who always grateful to people who help him.


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