Hello Byby Elle

Byby is a Java Chinese ethnic woman who originally born and raised in Jakarta city, Indonesia. She sees herself as the Good, the Brave and the Shining spirit.

Her number one passion is in Korean cultures.  Living as Korean is her future endeavor as she engages with Korean man.

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She had visited and stayed in most big islands in Indonesia; Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Batam, Maluku, NTT and Bali. Only big Sumatra island she hasn’t got a chance to visit.

As for abroad, she is been in Singapore and Malaysia twice, once in Thailand and stayed for about a year in United States, there she experienced to stay at 8 different states, from California (Los Angeles and Santa Monica), Washington (Seattle, Everett, Lynwood), New York (New York City, Flushing), Massachusetts (Lanesborough, Pittsfield), Washington DC (Capitol city, Arlington), Louisiana (New Orleans), Georgia (Atlanta), Florida (Key West & Miami).  On the way to States and back, she was transit in Narita (Japan) and  Dubai (UAE).  On year of 2014 she was visiting Seoul, South Korea twice and on Autumn until Winter time she got a chance to study Korean language in Sogang University one of the Korean prestige University this fall 2014. Her experiences living in Seoul is truly priceless.

Her interest is to learn drawing Manga in Japan and write her own drama story. Her ambitious wish is to write epic story like JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

Whenever there are times, she loves to watch Korean drama as she found  that the story plots of many Korean drama is really intriguing and inspiring, the drama also helps her in improving her Korean language study.

She adores AFTER SCHOOL~ Nana and dreaming to see Nana acts in Kdrama with Lee DongWook from My Girl/Hotel King. More of her wish is to get back dancing, and perform one of her masterpiece. She is a diehard fans of  KIM HYUNJOONG, B.A.P, DBSK, MBLAQ, U-KISS, MONSTA X, MY NAME, FLY TO THE SKY, KNK, BTOB & GOT7 songs, as those songs bring big energy and boost high energy.

One day she likes to experience learn K-Pop dance in Seoul, South Korea, seeing the Eiffel Tower, ride a train between countries in Europe, visit Rome, Vatican and Lourdes,  bungee jumping in Macao Tower, sailing in Aegean Sea in Greece, dressed up like sailormoon in Harajuku Japan, skiing adventure in Colorado, have a incredible romantic sunset in Bora Bora Tahiti and getting married in Okinawa beach, Japan

Byby is an University of Indonesia graduate, major in Business Administration. She loves to learn languages, beside her native language Indonesian, she speaks and write English as well as native, once she learned Mandarin and Japanese, but as time goes by, the ability is faded as she never getting a chance to speak the language, but now she is so excited as she can now speak Korean in a daily basic conversation.

She’s been working in some worldwide companies in Indonesia, started from personal assistant to her latest office career as corporate communication manager at mining company in South Kalimantan. Her plan in this striving year of 2017 is living a blossom life with her true love, getting a triplets sons like Daehan Minguk Manse and to make her travel blog Molla Korea a serious business.

Her life lines is to always bring out the best in life no matter what.

Even in the darkest cloud there is a silver lightning.

When human doesn’t have a way, God will open a way so believe and strive~

A postponed dream that comes into a reality.

Not until you had traveled then you come to understand the need of a world without a border

“Nothing is Worth it, if You are not Happy”.